Sunday, 9 September 2012

Race Report: Bloempark Sweet & Eet 5k 2012

Today Baby Girl and I ran our first ever stroller race - and we won the stroller division, woohoo!

We got up bright and early, fueled with some Hipp Apple and Cranberry baby food [the breakfast of champions :-) ] and made our way to the race venue.  Will was out cycling with his buddies this morning, so Baby Girl and I were flying solo.

We arrived at the race venue with more than enough time to set up everything (for a change).  By the time the announcer called us to the starting line, we were ready: The stroller was set up; the baby bottles were packed; the stroller's weather cover was on; and a stash of emergency baby food was on standby - just in case.  The starting gun fired, and we were off!

The race venue.  I spy two little red feet :) .

I was a bit worried at first that we might run someone over with the stroller, so we started way at the back.  But as soon as the field spread out, we got into our rhythm and started overtaking people - much to their surprise!  Jogging strollers are not really a common sight in South Africa yet, so we got a lot of comments along the way - mostly from guys who didn't want to be beat by a six month old baby, ha!

The run itself was challenging, but wonderful.  I just love running with my little girl.  The route took us through a quiet, leafy suburb of Bloem and Baby Girl cooed and laughed for most of the way.  She fell asleep just before we reached the finish line and missed our big finishing moment - awww!

Our bling.

We finished in 26:49 and spent the rest of the morning watching the toddler's race (adorable!) and strolling around the bazaar (fair) that was held in conjunction with the race.  What a blessed morning with my girl!

Just before the kiddies' race.  See how some of them are covering their ears in anticipation of the starting gun - too cute!


  1. Nice job with the stoller! I never tried to race with mine. I think she likes the bling!

  2. great job! congrats to you and your baby girl!

  3. Brilliant - I would be happy to run 26:49 without the stroller - no wonder you kicked some ass ;)


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