Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Learner Runner

You know those red "L" signs that you stick in your car window once you've passed your learner's licence and are allowed to drive under supervision, but still don't quite know what on earth you're doing?  Well today I needed one of those for my run.  A big, red  "L".


I headed out for a quick lunchtime run and after a grand total of ten minutes I was beat.  Out of breath and huffing like nobody's business.  I couldn't even enjoy the scenery or keep a proper running form - I was hunching and waddling and gasping for air.  Like a learner driver in peak traffic.  Not a pretty sight.

After twenty-five minutes of lung burning agony, I called it a day and analysed my performance (or complete lack thereof) while stretching.  What on earth?  On Saturday I ran much further and was completely fine.  Was it the wind?  (August is traditionally known as "the windy month" in South Africa and it was howling out there today.)  Was it the heat?  (Summer is definitely on its way - it was a t-shirt and flip-flops kind of day.)  Was it the route (hilly and off-road)?  Maybe a combination of all three?  Whatever it was, it sure gave me a wake-up call.  This mama seriously needs to pull up her socks.  

This coming weekend I plan on running the Spar Women's Race in Pretoria - one of my all-time favourite South African races.  I've run it twice already and, given the opportunity, will do so many more times.  Let's just hope this one is cool and wind-free, with no huffing, hunching or gasping going on.  

Spar Women's Race

And after Saturday's race there will be only one place for this girl to go: Back to the drawing board!


  1. I wouldn't let it worry you. I had two of those days last week that I blamed on heat and humidity.
    So I just bumbled around, taking it nice and easy, enjoying my surroundings - and feeling less knackered for not pushing it.
    Like you, I've a race next weekend. I'm sure we'll be none the worse for our lapses in form, and be back on top form when the adrenalin starts flowing again. Good luck!

  2. Days like that come and go. Don't worry. Today you will run a great race: good luck!


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