Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Itching to race

I haven't run a race in ages.  At the beginning of last year I moved to Kathu - a tiny little rural town with a grand total of one race on its annual racing calendar.  I looked forward to that race like a child looks forward to Christmas, but then I fell pregnant and missed it as a result.  I didn't race through my entire pregnancy; and for the almost four months after Baby Girl's birth I've been taking it relatively easy.  But now I'm ready - I itch to race. 
I don't feel up to a half-marathon quite yet, so I've entered these two 10 k races:
1.  X-man
Is it weird that the thought of leopard-crawling through a mud pit with 800 strangers excites me?  'Cause that's exactly what we'll be doing at X-man: Running 10 km through the Karoo farmlands, and then tackling a 30 piece obstacle course that reputedly includes mud, water, fire and heights.  I've been wanting to do one of these for ages - I absolutely can't wait!


I've run this race twice before (in 2003 and 2010) and it is without a doubt one of my favourite local races.  The Pretoria leg of the Spar Women's Race has grown into one of the largest road races in the country, with this year's race being capped at 25 000 entries, most of whom are anticipated to be women!  This race is, in my opinion, also one of the best value for money races out there: A R50 entry fee gets you a race t-shirt, medal, awesome goody bag, plenty of fun and entertainment on race day, plus the chance to win a brand new car in the race's lucky draw - what on earth is not to love?
Spar Women's Race

Both of these races are out of town, so we have two fun weekends (one in August and one in September) of travelling, running and family fun to look forward to.  Whoop!


  1. Great decision, a good way to spend 2 week-ends with your family.
    Maybe I am wrong but the second sounds better (and less dangerous for your legs).
    Welcome back to the racing world!

  2. That's awesome! I'll enjoy reading about your experiences. I'm not a fan of obstacle races to run in, but I always enjoy reading about others running them. :)


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