Saturday, 23 June 2012

Germ Central

Will is sick.  Flu.  And whenever Will has flu, he becomes a walking, ticking germ bomb.  He coughs and sneezes All.  The.  Time.  And they're not polite little atischoos.  No.  They're full on flu explosions.  Our home is covered in flu germs.

Now, nursing Will back to health is the easy part.  A steady supply of Woolies soup, Moducare and TLC, and we're halfway there.  But trying to keep Baby Girl and myself healthy while living right in the centre of Germ Central - now that's the hard part.  And I really, really want to stay healthy this time.  I'm in Week 11 of my 12-week running programme.  Week Eleven.  And my first race in more than a year is in a week's time.  One week.  Please, please, please let us stay healthy!

We really want to stay healthy!

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  1. Good luck, take care and stay safe because I want to read the report of your next race! Try to protect yourself with tons of vitamin C.
    Great photo.


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