Saturday, 19 May 2012

A run down memory lane

I've been itching to do this ever since I've moved back to Bloemfontein at the beginning of the year.  Since my new neighbourhood isn't very runner friendly, I got into my car and took my run to the neighbourhood in which I grew up - a mere ten minutes' drive away.  It. Was.  Magical.

I started my run right in front of the big, old house that I spent most of my childhood in.  It's still as beautiful as ever and, looking at it, my heart was flooded with countless wonderful memories of a blissfully happy childhood.  How I yearn to ring the doorbell and bombard the new owners with details of the happy years that we spent in that house.  Or, even better, ask for a guided tour and relive those very memories.  But, sadly, I realise that they will probably think that I'm either a loon or a spy and call the cops, so I leave it at that.

The big, old house in which I grew up.
Only a few steps into my run and suddenly I'm ten years old again; cruising the streets on my BMX bike.  The sounds and smells of the neighbourhood are still exactly the same: Aromas of dinners in progress fill the air, and the sound of birds settling down for the night is still the neighbourhood trademark.  Neighbours still come out at dusk to walk their dogs, or just stroll around the block hand-in-hand - just like my parents did all those years ago. 

The old neighbourhood.
I realise all too well that I'm probably only remembering the good stuff and that, as a child, I was blissfully unaware of grown-up problems like the neighbours' pesky dog, the leaky roof and the high maintenance cost of an old house.  But, all practicalities aside, I am deeply, deeply thankful for the happy childhood with which I was blessed.  And it is my heart's desire to also give that gift to my baby girl.  Because, cheesy as it may sound, I wholeheartedly believe that it is what we carry in our hearts that make us rich.          


  1. Og Saar, ons het lekker gekuier daar! Het ook baie goeie herinneringe saam met julle... 'gee haar 'n roos', Opvoering op een rolskaats... Het ons gesing ook vir die konsert?! Daai hout vloerplanke wat kraak as ons spens toe sluip... onthou dit soos gister.

  2. Beautiful memories. I also like to walk in the same place where I went with mom when I was a kid.


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