Friday, 25 May 2012

From Canada, with love

Is there anything on earth better than receiving a care package?  Especially one coming from a faraway place that you've only dreamt of visiting, containing a whole bunch of well thought out goodies that speak straight to your heart?  I think not.

I was recently on the receiving end of such a deliciousness (I have no better word), squirming with delight at each of the treats appearing from the package.  My speedy Namibian cousin, who visited Canada for a few months with her husband and son, sent me the most thoughtful, exciting care package containing exactly the things that I would have selected for myself if I was there: 

  • A stroller cover for our jogging stroller, because winter is coming and stroller covers are few and far between in South Africa;
  • A Whole Foods shopping bag, because she knows that I dream of strolling those aisles one day and spending way too much money there;
  • A Clif Bar, because I had one in the US two years ago and fell in love*; and 
  • The cutest pink onesie for Baby Girl, because which Mama doesn't love shopping for her young one?
Thanks again, Saar, for the huge surprise - I love every square inch of it.  You've inspired me to send out some killer care packages myself soon! 

*Dear Clif Bar People,
When do you plan on breaking into the South African market?  Please hurry.  Thanks.
Yours faithfully,
South Africans everywhere.

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