Tuesday, 24 April 2012

A little friendly competition

Will and I are both ridiculously competitive when it comes to stuff that's not important at all: Board games; miniature golf; arm wrestling - if we can do it against each other, we want to beat each other.  Each battle is fortunately (usually) a friendly affair with lots of teasing, boasting and fun poking involved - I can count on my one hand the times when someone (ahem, Will) had gone to bed upset over a lost game of Uno. 

Now, with Will being the talented sportsman and general all-rounder that he is, I usually end up losing all of our contests (you didn't hear that from me).  There is, however, a handful of exceptions which, of course, I'll never allow him to forget...  On our honeymoon, for example, I may or may not have beaten him in one schweet round of miniature golf.  (I really should win something new to gloat about.  It's been years, darn it!)  Plus I'm our household's undisputed  Queen of Uno.  I even beat him in a 60 km cycle race once.  But that's a (long, funny, mind you) story for another day.

Our latest friendly spar revolves around healthy living points.  Serious stuff.  We both belong to different medical aid funds and both our funds award points (and associated benefits) to members for living healthy lifestyles.  For example, you get points for each gym visit; for buying healthy foods; for doing health assessments; etc.  So right now Will and I are gymming, assessing and collecting points like crazy, all with the aim of reaching the coveted "silver" status before the other one.  There's no clear leader just yet (Big W may or may not be trailing slightly...), but I'll keep you posted.
Silly?  I guess.  But there's nothing like a win/win with a little fun on the side.


  1. I love that! It is great that you two are competing on being healthy!! Can't beat that!

  2. I love this! I'm glad my husband and I aren't the only ones competitive about all kinds of things!

  3. Awesome! You two are so sticking cute! Love it!


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