Sunday, 29 April 2012

It's hard until it's easy

On Monday morning I attended a V-Box class at my local gym. The instructor was such a treat: An Afrikaans boykie dressed in too-tight pants, forced to speak English in order to accommodate his multi-cultural class. Which he wholeheartedly did; "I has" and "she have" notwithstanding. Now, in addition to teaching an excellent, challenging class (I'll definitely go back), he treated us to little nuggets of wisdom throughout the class. Most of them were a bit corny for my liking, so I'll spare you those. But he did, however, also share the following gem: "It's hard until it's easy". I love it. It's so logical that it's almost silly. But it's so true. Especially when it comes to running: There's hard stuff before you get to the good stuff. But, if you just hang in there long enough and keep showing up, the good stuff will inevitably happen.

And I'm currently experiencing exactly this. Three weeks ago today, I half-shuffled, half-ran my very first post-natal run, huffing and puffing all the way. It wasn't pretty: My body ached; my lungs burned; and it was, quite frankly, a little embarrassing to be seen out in public in such a pitiful state. It was one of those times where you use your last speck of energy to try and pass an oncoming fellow runner with some kind of decent form and at some kind of decent pace, just to nearly collapse and die as a result of the effort once he or she has passed.

But, after three weeks of religiously following my running program, I'm thrilled to report that things are looking up! The aches are gone, there's less fire in the lungs, and there's even some extra energy to smile and wave at passing runners. Progress!

My little training buddy, all snuggled up for the walking part of our run/walk program.

Naysayers sometimes jokingly ask at what point exactly running becomes fun.  And now I have the perfect answer: It's hard until it's easy.


  1. Great picture! You are an amazing "running team"!
    Glad that your running is coming back easy.
    It WAS hard, not it's easy. Brava.

  2. Yay! Glad it's starting to get a tad easier for you again! That's a great running buddy you got :)

  3. Love it! I'll remember that for future use!
    I love your running buddy!

  4. Great job keeping at it, so true about it is only hard until it is easy. I remember after my second baby wondering if I would ever feel like I loved running again. It didn't take long!


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