Thursday, 29 March 2012

Best news ever

I have the best news ever!  Will (my hubby) has officially started running - woot-woot!  Although he's only taking up running as a means of cross training in order to benefit his cycling, he's running nonetheless and my heart couldn't be happier.  I have a brand new running buddy!  *Beaming smile*  [Secretly I am wishing that the running bug will bite so hard that he can't help but start dreaming about doing half-marathons, marathons and all kinds of other races with me...  But shhhhh, don't tell him ;) .]

Yesterday (a cold, rainy day down here in central South Africa), while Baby Girl and I were doing some of this...

...Will went out for his first hard core run (in the pouring rain) and came back looking like this...

He loved it and, I must admit, I SO wish that I could have gone with him - I just love rainy runs.  Hopefully I'll get the all clear in two weeks' time and then we can start with our family runs - can't wait!


  1. Where have I been?! Congratulations on little girl's arrival!! And yay that hubby is running now too! Hopefully you will get the all clear in 2 weeks and you can go have a family run.

  2. How exciting! Hopefully he loves it!

    That picture of you and baby girl is precious!!!

    If you ever want to talk about coming back from pregnancy and running, feel free to email me or something! For me, at least, those first couple of weeks were much harder than I expected!

  3. Yay for a running buddy! And the pic of you two sleeping is so sweet! :D She's a little doll!!!

  4. The picture with you and the baby is wonderful!
    If hubby runs under the rain it means that he is going to become a real runner and very soon this will not only be anymore a cross training.

  5. You are so lucky and I am so happy for you. My hubby starting running, behind me, because he was worried about my safety. Slowly he got into races and now is entered in plenty that I can't take part in. The highlight will be running The Big 5 Half-Marathon together.


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