Sunday, 29 January 2012

Becoming a Pistol

Yesterday I officially became a licenced Pentagon Pistol! 

Having moved to another province in December, I also had to leave behind my beloved Kimberley Pirates Running Club and find a new, local running club in Bloem.  I've heard so many good things about the Pistols and just love their motto: "We run for fun"!  They have multiple weekly club runs; the occasional social event; plus perks like hospitality tents at local races.  Yes, please!

Along with the licencing package, I also received the local race calendar for the year, and, much to my delight, noted that it is packed with some really nice second-half-of-the-year (i.e. post pregnancy for me) races.  Can't wait!



  1. For me running had even more meaning after I had kids! Hope you enjoy running and your new running group after the little one! :)

  2. Congrats on becoming a Pistol. Great post about your hubby. We all need to acknowledge how supportive our spouse is.

  3. So exciting and great to have another thing to look forward to, to get back into running.
    I haven't heard of the Pistols. Will be on the lookout for the red vest from now on.
    P.s. let me know if there are any exciting races to do in Bloem

  4. Congrats to the new Pistol runner!
    Enjoy your new group.

  5. Good morning

    I met a guy at the OMTOM on Saturday whom I believe is in your club. He was wearing an orange club vest written Pentagon Bloemfontein.
    His name is Bernito. He helped me a lot and we were going to meet at the finish line and exchange details but we lost each other as it was too congested.

    Please if he is in your club kindly let him know that Nokuthula from KZN is looking for him and can you please give him this email address or send me him contact number. I need him before Comrades marathon.

    Thanks in advance for your help.

    Nokuthula Shongwe

    1. Hi Nokuthula!

      Well done on completing OMTOM!

      Unfortunately I'm not with Pentagon Pistols any longer, since I've moved to Kimberley in the meantime, but I still have the Pistols' club secretary's email address. I'll share it to your Google+ wall.



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