Thursday, 12 January 2012

Almost there! 34 Weeks

We're 34 weeks (+1 day) pregnant today!  I feel so good (and gratefully so!) and apart from the normal swollen feet and hands and other minor discomforts, I have no complaints at all. 

Highlights of the past week or so include the following:
  • At our 34 week sonar we were informed that Miss K now weighs a healthy 2.2 kg and has a head full of hair!
  • I learnt that a full day at the mall at 33.5 weeks needs to be approached much like running a marathon: Pacing and regular re-fuelling is key.

If only one could re-fuel on these mid-marathon :) !
  • I haven't had a day's worth of heartburn and have no trouble sleeping whatsoever.  So grateful for that.
  • I learnt that heat waves and pregnancies are not a good match at all.  Temperatures have been hovering around 102 degrees for the past two weeks - eish!
  • Miss K's room is finished and my "hospital" bag is almost packed.
  • Exercise has been reduced to a walk with Will and the pups every evening.  Even my beloved aqua aerobics causes hip discomfort these days, so I've stopped it altogether :( .
  • Will is the most amazing, patient husband ever!  I am richly blessed.
  • We're slowly, but surely, making progress with Project "Let go of the Stuff".  The house is starting to look spacious, clean and open and we're starting to feel a lot better about it all.
  • Reality is slowly but surely setting in: I'm going to be a mommy soon!  I absolutely cannot wait! 


  1. You're looking good at 34 weeks. Wishing you cooler weather for the next 6 weeks.

  2. We had a heat wave during my third trimester as well - so I feel your pain! I hope it cools off!

    You look great - and your bump is way cuter than mine ever was. ;)

  3. You look great and ready for this important "marathon".

  4. Beautiful! I can't wait to see her little face :) I know you are just too excited!


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