Friday, 2 December 2011

Yes, you can touch my belly...

It's official: I've outgrown my roomiest pre-pregnancy tech t-shirt!  (As if I need another excuse not to get my behind out the door and get moving...)  I am now left with only one of two options: a) Sport Will's old cotton race t-shirts, or b) Find a fun, comfortable maternity option, stat!

While browsing the net in search of Option B, I came across what must be the wittiest pregnancy tech tee's I've encountered to date - LOVE it!!  [I know some mamas are not a fan of funny pregnancy slogans on shirts at all, but at the rate my bump (and everything else, for that matter) is currently expanding, I sure can do with a little giggle.]

I've been a big fan of One More Mile's witty slogans for a while now, but these sure did make me smile today:


  • Shirt 1: Sure, you can touch my belly (front).  If you can catch it (back).
  • Shirt 2: Running for two (front).  You've just been passed by a pregnant woman (back).
Ha!!  Love it!  (Now if only I can get myself to move fast enough to actually pass someone...)


  1. Both are great slogans. The second made me laugh, it is also a very good memory. I remember long time ago, when I was 30-something, one day during a speed-work (we thought to be really fast), we were smoked by a pregnant sheep....... it was a funny situation, our pride was destroyed!
    Now it's time to be smoked by a pregnant woman.


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