Monday, 5 December 2011

Coronation Double Century 2011

They did it!  On 26 November 2011 hubby Will and his 12-man team conquered the Coronation Double Century 2011!

The Double Century, as it is commonly known, is annually contested over 202 km in the beautiful Swellendam/Montagu region of the Western Cape Province of South Africa.  Riders participate in teams of twelve, with the time of the team being recorded as the time of the sixth rider across the finish line.

[Swellendam region.  Source.]

The scenery en route is spectacular, with riders crossing two mountain passes as part of the course.

Will and a teammate with the beautiful Montagu landscape as backdrop.

The Jacaranda Trees were in full bloom!

Will's team finished in a time of 07:47 - well done, guys!  You did us proud!

Will crossing the finish line.

The bling!

PS: Rumour has it that I did get my subtly hinted for pressie...  Just have to wait until the 15th when I go home before I can get it...  Yay!!


  1. Well Done to them!

    I can't wait to hear about the pressie.

  2. Well done, congrats!!!
    Beautiful pictures.


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