Tuesday, 27 December 2011


In 2011 I ditched the usual list of new year's resolutions and replaced it with a single word for the year.  A motto of sorts, if you wish; like a golden thread or constant reminder of where I wanted to go and how I wanted to grow.  My word for 2011 was "challenge", and challenged I was in many ways: I ran my first marathon (and loved it!); visited a foreign country (where I couldn't speak or understand the language) all on my own; quit my job in the mining industry and moved to a completely different sector (excellent decision, in retrospect); spent eight months living and working almost 500 km away from my hubby; and spent the first seven months of my pregnancy working on a construction site with my hubby almost 500 km away.  These, plus a whole bunch of smaller day-to-day challenges, really nudged me out of my comfort zone and kept reminding me to just keep on believing.  Something to definitely keep building on in future.     
Finding a new word or theme for 2012 has proven to be quite difficult, as 2012 will bring with it a whole array of firsts and uncertainties:  It will be the year in which I become a mom for the very first time.  I may or may not be out of a job after my maternity leave, come June.  I will get back into running after a 9 month+ break.  I will live in a new city and make new friends.  The question therefore is: How do I want to handle all of this?  In which direction do I want to grow?  Which lead me to the perfect motto for the new year: CHOOSE.
  • Choose to stop and think before I react or speak.
  • Choose to get out the door and go for a run instead of sitting on my bum, knowing that it will make me feel so much better.
  • Choose to keep quiet when my opinion isn't required.
  • Choose to not eat that third piece of chocolate.  One or two is ample.
  • Choose to forgive and let go; for my own sake.
  • Choose to reach out and make a difference.
  • Choose to make time to invest in relationships.
  • Choose to start out slowly and not rush into things and get injured.
  • Choose to accept help when it is offered and needed.
  • Choose to listen to my body.
  • Choose to be thankful for what I have.
  • Choose to be content.
  • Choose to speak life.
  • Choose to relax and take a break when needed.
  • Choose to be happy.
  • Choose to find joy in the small things.
  • Choose to see the bigger picture.
  • Choose not to take myself too seriously.
  • And choose to give life all I've got.  And be satisfied with the effort.

So many choices.  And they're all mine to make in the year ahead!


  1. Very great post! It is all a choice, I am guilty of acting rashly a lot of the time, so stopping to think and choose my words and actions is something I really need to do.

  2. This is a wise ..... choice.
    A great list. Best wishes for a wonderful 2012.

  3. I just did a post on Choices two days ago, and it's funny how our perspectives are different, but the same. Choosing to change things.. but not letting choices RUIN us. Nice post, thanks for sharing.


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