Friday, 30 December 2011

Bulges, buns and bath robes

Pregnancy recently lead me to discover a truly delightful place.  A place where bulges and bumps are commonplace (and not important at all); where you get to do all kinds of variations of the highly unflattering frog jump in public (with no one as much as batting an eyelid); where you get to wear your hair in a bun because washing and blow drying everyday is simply too exhausting; and where showing up in your comfy bath robe is completely acceptable.  I discovered aqua aerobics.

I quickly learnt that dignity and water aerobics are mutually exclusive - have you ever tried doing a 270 degree leg swing under water with a watermelon plus two honey melons hidden under your swimming costume?!  [At least that's what I feel like these days ;) ].  Instead, the focus is on having fun while staying active, no matter what your current age, shape or circumstance.  A philosophy I whole-heartedly endorse.

I love going to these classes. Being out-jumped by some of my seventy-year-old class mates is strangely liberating in a way: Realising that for me, right here and right now is a season for taking it easy. And, instead of fighting it or being frustrated by it, I'm embracing this time of side-kicking and frog-jumping my heart out. 

Bring on those leg swings!


  1. You look great! I loved being pregnant. Enjoy it until the little one shows up!

  2. Hi there! It's Megan, your sock swap partner! I received my package in the mail today, and I LOVE it! You packed those socks up with goodies! I already ate some of the candy.. he he. I am glad I found your blog so I can "follow" it!

  3. Pregnant woman are beautiful. I said the same thing about my wife when she was pregnant with our daughter. She had this glow around her that was indescribable.... I can see you have the same glow.

    You will love being a parent!!

  4. You look fantastic! So nice to hear a woman enjoying the shape changes - too many complain when they are pregnant.
    I love aqua classes. I went 3 x a week right until a week before my first daughter was born. Carry on loving it all!

  5. You look great and this is the right spirit to live all the changes in the life. I am sure you will run again as fast as before a little bit later you give birth.

  6. You're so stinking cute!! I love water workouts!


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