Thursday, 17 November 2011

Week 26

Heeeheee, my belly is getting SO big - LOVE IT!  I looked at myself in the dressing room mirror of a shop today while trying something on and I was so surprised with just how big my belly had gotten.  [I don't have a full length mirror at home, so I only always get to witness the "glance down to the toes" view.] 

26 Weeks!

I recently received a very rude and insensitive comment about my pregnant body and was so saddened and upset by it at first.  Today, looking in that mirror, however, I realised that pregnant bodies are BEAUTIFUL and decided that I was going to enjoy and celebrate this wonderful blessed time in my life, no matter what.  From now on I'm flaunting this bump all the way, baby!


  1. You look awesome! I agree, I'd get tight tops that show off your baby bump!!! Congrats!

  2. Who says rude stuff to pregnant gals??? Uncool. You look positively lovely.


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