Wednesday, 16 November 2011

(The tip of the iceberg of) my dream race wish list

One thing that really gets my blood pumping, is travelling to race.  Sure, local races are also fun (and Will and I try to do most of them), but travelling to out-of-town (and especially out-of-country!) races just makes for a magical experience every time: The anticipation of the long drive/flight there; discovering new hotels/BnBs; taking in new sights; meeting interesting people; and experiencing new food...  Love it all!

On that note, there's obviously a whole list of places and races on my lifetime wish list...  [Dreaming about them and planning for them is almost (I said ALMOST) as much fun as experiencing them first hand!]  My list is really long (I want to run the world!), so I thought I'd just share the one girly corner of my dreams tonight:

A weekend of running fun combined with being pampered like a princess?  Yes, please!  After experiencing the Disney running scene in January 2010, I long to go back and do it all again.  Only this time, of course, I'm bringing Will! 

Selling points?  The bling, the schwag, the route, the atmosphere, the expo, and the excellent organisation.  What's not to love?

Never been there, never done that, but, ooooooohh, those finisher's necklaces!  (By this time you get that I'm a total sucker for race bling and schwag, right?  So deep, I know.) 

Selling points? The necklace, San Francisco (way exciting for this girl from Africa), the expotique, running with 20 000 others and running for a good cause.

Any of the four locations will do - they all look like so much fun!  The medals, the schwag, the atmosphere, the good cause...  Sigh!!

A girl can dream, right?


  1. Great list. Funny how all of yours are in the States. Now, running in South Africa, that sounds exciting to me!

  2. These are all races I would love to run. But now that I live in America, I get more excited for races out of the country!


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