Thursday, 3 November 2011

The Switch

Since becoming pregnant a while ago, something really weird has happened in our household...  A complete and fascinating personality switch has taken place between me and the man of the house...

Yes, this was our pose of choice right in the middle of a stop-and-go :) .

Will used to be the king of the King Steer Burger and, much to my amazement and shocked disbelief, would always order a side of fries from McDonald's to go with our deliciously healthy Kauai meals...

King Steer in action.

... while I used to be Little Miss Wellness Cafe who would not even think of uttering the words "... and a regular fries, please".

One of my top five spots in Cape Town!

I used to be up and chirpy for my regular 5 a.m. workouts...

Nothing like some 5 a.m. stair sprints!

... while Will would mumble something not so happy and turn around to continue snoozing.

No, we do not live in a tent...  Taken during a camping/running trip to Ficksburg.

These days, however, Will has morphed into a healthy eating, early rising, lean and mean, sub 3 century riding, cycling machine...

Lance Potgieter :) .

... while I've turned into a beetroot loving, late sleeping, non-running dark chocolate eater who, per occasion, happily utters the words "... and a regular fries, please"...


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