Saturday, 26 November 2011

Recharging for that final stretch

Isn't it funny how this time of the year can be both awesome and very hard at the same time?  Awesome, because the end-of-the-year break is just around the corner and there's so much to look forward to; but also very hard because most people (including moi) seem to be tired, irritated and overworked by now?  This past week was so not my week.

With Will and his friends being away to conquer their double century bike ride this weekend, I'm taking the time to just relax, rest up and recharge for that final stretch before our December break (which starts on the 15th of December, yay!).  Because in all seriousness, I seriously need a boost to get this done.

My weekend plan of action?  No cellphone.  No talking about work.  And no checking of work e-mails.  Nada.  Just four blissful days filled with some of my favourite pick-me-ups:

Lots of quality time on the couch... 

My idea of a really good time.  I'm so wild, I know.

Loads of healthy, summery foods...


Some fun, (almost free!) baby shopping with coupons and vouchers...  (Man, I love a good bargain!)

All of this for R15...!

LOTS of sleeping...

And, very importantly, some quality time with good friends...

An instant pick-me-up!  [An old pic, but they're still as awesome :) ].

Feeling so much better already.  But, maybe, just maybe, the lesson here is that His strength is made perfect in me when I'm weak (like right now!), and that His grace will be sufficient for me in these three final working weeks of the year that are looming ahead.  Just keep on believing!



  1. Yum on the healthy summery foods! I love cherries and it is so hard to get good ones this time of year here.

  2. Oh! OMG! Congratulations! It's been awhile since I checked in! I'm so excited for you!!!!!! Gah!


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