Saturday, 19 November 2011

The TFK Baby Jogster III

It's finally here!!  Our jogging stroller arrived via courier this week, and Will patiently waited for me to get home this weekend before opening the box...  Yay!

After weeks and weeks of online, in-store and baby expo research, we finally decided on the TFK Baby Jogster III, with 16 inch wheels.  The variety of jogging strollers available in South Africa is extremely limited (none of the big, big brands common in the US), but in the end we're both very satisfied with our choice.

The first thing we noticed upon opening the box was how big the wheels were...  Goodness!  We both burst out laughing and called the stroller a rocket.  Will went about assembling the rocket like a pro and in no time we were pushing it up and down the living room between bursts of giggling.

Daddy Will in action.
We are both very impressed with the quality and sturdiness of the stroller, plus it has a whole bunch of neat extra features, like ample storage space (very important according to my BFF Tanya!), a mosquito net, a parking brake, an emergency brake and arm strap, five point safety harness, fully reclinable seat, and rear shocks.  It also folds away neatly and easily into a (sort of!) manageable size.

We are so happy with our purchase (thanks so much, Dad, for sponsoring half!).  I absolutely can't wait to start clocking the miles with my new little running buddy in tow!

P.S.  Yesterday I also had my very first, absolutely amazing bite of something I've been  looking forward to ALL winter...  It was bliss :) .

Is there anything more delicious?!?

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