Friday, 25 November 2011

Our baby shower!

This past weekend was one of the many highlights of my pregnancy so far - our baby shower!  My awesome friends Tanya and Katte collaborated with my stepmom and Will to tell a sneaky little white lie or two to get me to Dad's house on Saturday afternoon where - surprise!!! - a whole bunch of precious friends was waiting in the garden to celebrate little Miss K's arrival!


There was lots of eating...


(Just look at these super cute strawberry-vanilla "it's a girl!" cupcakes that Tanya especially had made for the shower... Delicious too!)

... lots of wonderful gifts for Miss K...

... and lots of chatting and catching up with good old friends!

Thank you SO much Tanya and Katte for a wonderful, special day - I am SO blessed to have friends like you!


  1. You're probably the cutest pregnant lady ever. Karli is such a sweet name. Oh, happy day! xo

  2. What a wonderful surprise! Your smile explains very well your happiness.


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