Tuesday, 8 November 2011

MTN Ofm Cycle Challenge 2011

Yesterday Will took part in the annual MTN Ofm Cycle Challenge in Bloemfontein - the biggest (both in terms of the number of participants and the prize pocket) cycle race in central South Africa.  What makes this race extra important, is that it is a seeding race for the Pick n Pay Cape Argus Cycle Tour to be held in March 2012 - officially the largest (and arguably the most beautiful!) timed cycle race in the world.  A good Ofm time therefore takes you one step closer to a good starting time for the Argus...  High stakes indeed! 

Will had his sights set high: A sub 2:30 hour finish for the 99 km course, which translates to an average speed of over 40 km/h over almost 100 km...

We collected his number and goody bag at the expo the day before the race.  We both heart goody bags (what is it with athletes and their fascination with bags full of samples?!) and loved this one especially: No pamphlets and samples galore!  Like!

Goody bag and race number - check!

There was, of course, also a final carb reserves top-up session before race day...  [In which I whole-heartedly participated, even though my next race will more than likely only take place mid-2012...  How's that for support? ;) ]

About to top up the carbs.

A starting time of 06:05 a.m. meant no time for anything on race day morning - we were all set and ready to go the night before.
Ready to go!
Race day was perfect - nice and cool, with a few clouds and no wind.  Plus the atmosphere at the starting line was festive and fun - loved it!  Before we knew it, it was time to start...

Moments before the start.

And they're off!

The race went so well for Will - he exceeded his target and crossed the finish line in 02:24:01 with an average speed of 41.25 km/h!  Well done, Will, we're so proud of you!

No South African race is, of course, complete without a post-race boerewors roll!

Thanks, Ofm and MTN - we had an awesome time!

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