Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Hint, hint.

Will is going away to the beautiful Cape this weekend to do the Coronation Double Century cycle race - 202 km of cycling in one go...  Eish!  He and eleven friends have entered the race as a twelve-man team, with the team's time being recorded as the time of the sixth team member crossing the finish line.  Help me hold thumbs for them - I know they're going to do great!!

Seeing that we couldn't get our working schedules to match, I can't join Will on his trip this weekend.  Major let down: Firstly, I wish I could be there to cheer him on; and secondly, weekends away in the beautiful Cape are so much fun!  We have, however, reached a sweet agreement in this regard: The one who goes to the Cape brings the one who stays behind and misses out on a) all the race day fun and b) all the Cape Town awesomeness an equally awesome prezzie from the Cape!  Sounds fair to me :) .

I've already put a lot of time and effort into some subtle hinting over the past couple of days (okay, weeks), but thought it best to solidify some options here:

1.  Compression socks.  Black ones.  Because runners heart running socks.


2.  Nike Tempo Shorts.  Blackish, blue-ish ones.  Size XL (I like them poofy).  Because nothing fits better.  (Even when you're preggo).


3.  A nice tech T-shirt.  Blue-ish again.  With a fun logo somewhere.  Love.

4.  A running cap.  Blue or black.  A big one - XL or XXL (don't ask).


5.  Any type of organic produce.  Because central SA is totally deprived.

Can't wait to open that packet!!  But, you know what?  In all seriousness (and honesty), just having Will back safe and sound after his weekend of awesomeness will be the biggest gift of all :) .  Good luck and have fun, Will!


  1. Good luck, have fun and be safe Will. Bring back loads of pressies!


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