Friday, 11 November 2011

The good, the not-so-ideal and the awesome!

The good:

Today was a wonderfully productive day - love those!!  Sorted out some long outstanding bank stuff; completed my tax return; had my (insanely dirty) car washed; did the washing; and caught up with some special friends.  All on top of a 10 hour work day.  *Beaming smile*!

The not-so-ideal:

A short little run at work (to fetch some stuff in a hurry) confirmed that I will not and should not be running for the remainder of my pregnancy.  I had some Pubic Symphysis Diastasis issues identified a few weeks ago and, at this stage, running though that just causes too much pain and discomfort to continue.

There'll be no more of this for a while.

After a bit of moping I can now see this as a blessing in disguise: An old ITB injury now has 20+ weeks to truly and properly heal, allowing me to start with a clean slate once little K is 6 weeks old.  In the mean time I'll be walking as much as possible and stay as (safely) active as I possibly can (and of course live vicariously through Will's sporting adventures!).

The awesome:

We're 25 weeks (+1 day) pregnant today! 

I know, I know.  The loo paper in the background is soooo classy :) .

My belly is getting really big now!  Bending over and tying my shoes is becoming a challenging affair, plus my poor footsies are starting to swell like little loaves of bread by the end of each working day.  But I'm really enjoying my pregnancy and am getting more and more excited to meet little K!

All in all I feel so blessed and happy and content and at peace at the moment - what an amazing blessing!

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  1. Love the baby bump! I loved and hated being pregnant, but it really is a special time. Enjoy.


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