Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Coming Home

Thinking back (being in boarding school for a number of years), my childhood was filled with countless joyous homecomings.  I remember my favourite meals waiting on the stove; my favourite snacks decorating my pillow; flowers in my room; a whole pre-arranged schedule of fun things to do with Mom; laughter; hugs and silly dancing.  There might even have been the occasional welcome home hand stands - precious times indeed.

Now I'm all grown-up and Mom has since passed away, but I'm so thankful that this ritual has remained a part of my life.  This weekend, after almost 500 km worth of bad roads and rude drivers, I came home to this welcoming site: 

Three of my favourite favourites!

Hubby, Kauai and dark chocolate - could anything be more perfect?!  I think my smile went right around my face :) !

The other members of the welcoming committee were a bit harder to photograph...  Half of them, at least.

Max.  Zipp was too busy being Zipp to actually pause and pose for a photo.

Our weekend was peaceful and lovely - we slept, ate, laughed and then did it all over again.  I am so blessed!

Sunday lunch.

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