Monday, 24 October 2011

Ninety-nine bottles of beet on the wall...

Before I got pregnant, I was always afraid that some uncontrollable urge to eat chocolates and cake 24 hours per day would grab a hold of me for nine months once I did get pregnant.  How on earth would one get rid of all that once the baby was born?!  Thankfully I have since discovered that pregnancy is nothing like that - one can pretty much stay in control (mostly) of what goes into your mouth, despite the mishmash of hormonal and other changes.  Sure, I definitely do eat a bit more than usual, plus I'm not quite as strict about having a treat now and then (and sometimes in between) (to Will's great amusement and shock), but 24 hour chocolate binges?  Thankfully, no.

I have, however, had one craving since approximately Week 19 that is still going (very) strong: Beet!  I've never been a big beet fan - it's just too messy and such a mission to prepare.  But boy, oh, boy, halfway through each workday I start to see visions of amazing, tart bowls of beet and I can't think of anything more satisfying to have!  And then I'd get home and have that amazing bowl of beet and sure enough, it would hit the spot every single time.

My cupboard is well-stocked...  (By the way, Pick n Pay has a winning recipe - delicious!)

I recently did a bit of research on the Net about beet and its health benefits and was amazed to discover that it is actually the perfect pregnancy food.  Isn't our bodies wonderful?!  Beet is rich in folic acid (essential for baby's neural development) and even prevents constipation (ahem), to name but a few.  Wow, we were indeed wonderfully made - here I am, craving something that I've never particularly liked, and that I had no idea was so good for both me and little Karli!  Amazing.

May you have a very blessed week, friends!


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  1. Thank goodness because I LOVE BEETS....I might be the only one though.

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