Sunday, 28 August 2011

Living the Moment

I'm a great believer in the concept of "living each moment".  You know, being present.  Not wishing away five days worth of working-cleaning-grocery-shopping-everyday-stuff for the sake of two days worth of weekend fun.  Or not wishing away days spent at/in your current unfulfilling job (weight, town, relationship - you fill in the blank) for the sake of a new, perfect job (weight, town, relationship) that may or may not come your way for another few months or years.

Unfortunately, sometimes it's also these things that we believe in the most that bring along the toughest tests.  Just to make sure that we're not just talking the walk.  Like right now for me: I currently live and work 500 km from Will, my amazing husband.  Which means that we only get to see each other once a month during my pay weekends.  A real  nasty challenge when it comes to being present and living the moment.

Will and I on our wedding day.

But the test doesn't end there.  Will and I are also expecting our very first little one.  Which makes not wishing away the time until we can hold our little miracle in our arms and be a normal, living-together family, even harder.

After giving it some thought, however, I've come up with a few constructive ways of spending this transitional time, which could have been so easily wished away, wisely:
  • Praying for and speaking life over Baby right now during each of his/her important phases of growth;
  • Preparing (as best we can) for Baby in so many different ways;
  • Enjoying everyday treats that can so easily be taken for granted, especially by couples not blessed with children yet;
  • And so my list goes on.
Some days I win and some days I fail miserably.  But still my challenge remains: To bloom where I'm planted right now.

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  1. Hey I saw you are on my followers of my blog...and more importantly a follower of Christ. Congrats on the baby. We are expecting number 4...and so Life will continue to be an Ultra Endurance event...and I so dig that.


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