Sunday, 19 June 2011

My hero!

I've been blessed with such an amazing dad!  Every single memory that I have of him is a special one.  So, without any further ado, meet Dad RtR!
  • He's super fun.  (And a very good funny picture poser!  I always end up losing my pose and cracking up laughing because of his whole-hearted posing.);

On a camping trip in Namibia.  Dad is a champion funny picture poser!
  • He's sporty and active.  (I definitely got my love for all things active from him.  One of my best memories ever is running a road race with him in Jeffrey's Bay one December holiday...  We laughed so much I could barely move.);

The Rugby Curriecup Final in 2006.  Goooo Cheetaaaaahs!!
  • He's wise and a very good advice-giver. (He's taught me so many things and to this day I know I can listen when he speaks.);
  • He's adventurous.  (One of my all-time favourite memories is rafting down the mighty Zambezi River in Zimbabwe with him.  Our raft flipped in the middle of one of the biggest rapids on the route and we ended up tumbling through the rapid washing machine style with only our life jackets on.  AWE.  SOME!!)
  • He's big and strong. (I remember always feeling safe when he was around.  And it's still like that today: I know he has my back.);
  • He loves nature.  (One of my best childhood memories is our annual trips to the Kruger National Park.  We'd sleep; watch the animals; jog around the camp; braai; and then do it all over again.  Total bliss.)
Dad and Bella, the lion cub.
  • He loves sleeping.  A lot!  (Just like me - smile.)  (Other people can never understand our undying love for sleeping (it's not often that you'll find either of us awake after 9 p.m.) and napping (any time, any place!).  So glad he totally understands!
  • He always puts his family's needs/wants above his own.  (Growing up, he would always give us the biggest or last cookie/slice of cake/fruit/treat and take the smallest one or none for himself.  And, over holidays, he would always take my mom and me to shopping malls and hang out with us for an entire day (without a single complaint or yawn), even though it wasn't really his thing.)
The family.
  • And so the list goes on...
Dad, thank you so much for everything!  I'm so blessed to have you.  Happy Father's Day!


  1. Aww, your Dad sounds awesome! i was also lucky enough to get a super awesome Dad that I love and adore!

  2. your dad sounds amazing! Thanks for sharing the pics and the qualities that make him special :)

  3. What a great post! He sounds like an amazing man :)


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