Sunday, 12 June 2011

It's my chaos and I'll cry if I want to

Today exactly one month and one week ago I moved to Kathu.  And guess what?  I'm still living in complete chaos.  Things are peachy in all other departments: Work, running and settling in.  But boy, is my flat a mess.

Welcome to my world!

I've been out of town quite a few times since my furniture arrived and therefore haven't had a full weekend just to unpack and get it over with.  Plus, my new flat is tiny and finding a spot for every item appearing out of a box is just a nightmareTo top it all off (yup, I'm pretty frustrated tonight!), my washing machine also hasn't been connected yet, so like Mary Ellen and her Walton sisters I'm doing it by hand.  Winter washing (think jackets, denims and the like).  Why?  Because the plumber works exactly the same hours as I do and can't help me over weekends.  Ironic, no?

Oh, well, at least I've made some progress today (after a long and lovely early morning run!), plus I'll be sleeping on my heavenly super king mattress tonight for the first time in a month (the bed is not yet assembled - I've been waiting for the boxes to get out of the way to make some space...)  Hopefully a good night's rest will give me the necessary va-va-voom to get this over and done with by tomorrow!

Ahhhhhhh.  a comfy mattress at last!


  1. I hate moving and unpacking, but yay for a comfy bed!

  2. Ugh...moving. A good night's sleep always does wonders for the mind and body :) I never could understand why plumbers, cable people, etc... work the same hours as everyone else? Crazy!

    Thanks so much for stopping by my blog! I love, love your zebra looking background. Your blog is pretty darn awesome too! Can't wait to read more on your moving adventures :D


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