Saturday, 18 June 2011

Always room for growth

This week I failed some tests.  And I did it in style:

  • I thought I had a lot of patience.  But I needed to acquire quite a bit more.
  • I thought I was a thankful person.  But I needed to learn to appreciate more.
  • I thought I could do without a bunch of earthly comforts.  But I needed to learn to be truly happy despite having none.
  • I thought I understood that we all need each other.  But I needed to reach out just a little  bit more. 
  • I thought I had a positive attitude.  But I needed to be reminded that sometimes mine just sucks.
Yup, this week was all about being outside the comfort zone for me.  Leaking water pipes; unreliable plumbers; leaking water pipes progressing to burst water pipes; flooded rooms; wet everything; burst water pipes leading to no running water at all; no electricity; ice cold basin baths on dark, freezing winter's mornings; cancelled group training classes due to a lack of interest...  And the list goes on.  And I must say, my handling of it was less than stellar.  Yup, there's definitely always room for growth! 

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  1. Holy smokes! You have had it rough! Sometimes it's nice to step back and look at how you handle certain situations so you can make changes for next time. I think I would have handled it in a manner less than stellar too! And you're right, there is always room for growth!


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