Monday, 30 May 2011

What a wonderful weekend!

Weekends are wonderful, aren't they?!  This past one was extra awesome - I have so many blessings to share!  Although it started out on a bit of a chaotic note, with my furniture arriving on Friday afternoon, it was all downhill from there.  (It took me a while, but I finally realized that even the chaos, which I'm still trying to sort out, is a blessing in disguise, because my stuff is finally here and I'll soon be sleeping on my own bed again - wahooo!)

As soon as the boxes are out of the way, I'll be sleeping on my own bed again !!

As the furniture truck disappeared around the corner, I received one of my favourite text messages: "Parcel for you at PostNet"!  That brought the smile right back and the contents of the parcel even more so: Books!  Running books!  I love parcels.

I've started reading Kara's book and I love it - down to earth and inspiring!

On Saturday I quickly sped off to Kimberley to pick up this baby...  A brand new set of wheels from my awesome new company.  Am I a blessed chick, or what?!

While in Kimberley, I did a quick run in one of my favouritist game farms on earth as part of Alicia Runs' Virtual 5k for Autism (full race report to follow soon).  It was a f-f-f-freezing, but fabulous run - how awesome to be a part of Alicia's project way down here in Africa!  

Before I returned to Kathu there was one last treat I just had to indulge in: A loooong, hot bubble bath.  Now I'm not really a showering kind of girl; much more of a lay-in-the-bath-and-read kind of girl.  But, since September last year, for some sad reason both flats I've lived in only had showers and no bath tubs...  Big boooo!  So now, whenever I visit someone or stay in a guesthouse with a bath tub, I indulge big time:  Bubble bath, books, breakfast...  Bliss!!

Bubbles + A Book + Breakfast = Bliss!!

I also did five bundles of washing at my dad's house - are you appreciating your washing machine??  Can't wait for mine to get hooked up so that I can wash whenever I please.

Do you know what would have been the cherry on top of my wonderful weekend?  Seeing my precious friends and Willie and my pups and my dad.  But, alas, things just didn't work out that way...  Next time!


  1. bubble bath + books + breakfast really does sound like the most amazing thing ever! I love BOTH of those books :) so good!

    What a great weekend!

  2. So many good things going on! Your bubble bath and running book combo looks heavenly!!!


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