Sunday, 15 May 2011

Road Trip!

One of the (many!) perks of my awesome new job is that our head office is located in Cape Town, which is exactly where I travelled this week for some orientation training - woohoo!  Now, Cape Town is pretty much on the other side of the country, which gave me the opportunity to make some pretty cool stops along the way:

Stop No. 1: Kimberley, aka my previous home town.  Of course I had to meet up with Tanya for a boot camp session in the wee hours of the morning - fun, fun, fun!  (That was on Wednesday and my legs still feel pretty funny...)

Yes, we do go to the gym when it is still pitch dark outside and no, we don't wear any make-up that time of the morning.

Stop No. 2: Cape Town!  I stayed is a fabulous guest house; met some awesome new colleagues; and generally just confirmed my suspicion that I'm going to be soooo happy in my new job!  In addition, no trip to Cape Town is, of course, complete without an "I-can-smell-the-sea run" and a quick stop at the beach...  

After-work run in one of Cape Town's beautiful suburbs.

Quick stop at the beach with new colleagues Mantoa and Christopher.

Stop No. 3: Bloemfontein!  I love Bloem for so many reasons, four of them being as follows: 

1.  Sweet Willie is currently babysitting my two running buddies at his home in Bloem.  Our reunion was sweet!

Zip, Max and me.

2.  Wille.  And a whole bunch of other precious friends.

Guess which one of us was excited about seeing Winnie the Pooh and which one saw it as the ideal opportunity to catch up on some zzzzzzz?

3.  Organic shopping to my heart's content!  (No, you cannot find any organic products within a radius of at least 300 km from Kathu.) 

I heart organic shopping :) .
4.  Kauai!!!  One of the only healthy fast food joints in town (and in the region maybe?).  LOVE their menu and no trip to Bloem is ever complete without a small supergreen smoothie and a Moroccan beef wrap from Kauai! 

Dear Kauai.  Please, please, please become one of my sponsors and send me lots of gift cards and other fun ways to share in the love more often?  I am already your best PR lady ever and will be forever grateful :) .

What an amazing trip!  Now to jump right in and give that new job all I've got!


  1. Looks like a wonderful trip! ENjoy the new job!

  2. Awesome...thanks for sharing. Nice to see the sights of South Africa from Washington State!

  3. road trip with a beach stop is the way to do it! looks like it was beautiful out there!


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