Friday, 6 May 2011

In Transition

I've had quite an overwhelming few days: Moved towns; started a new job; met a bunch of new people; have a broken car exhaust (I hate dealing with guy stuff!) - let's just say that I'm a little bit out of my comfort zone right now.  However, when I eventually come up for air, I think I'll like it here.  Why?  I've already discovered quite a few things about this place that I like:

1.  The golf course is a running paradise!  The kind golf course man gave me permission to do my runs on the golf course - how cool is that?!  I.  Love.  Running.  There.  Just don't know how else to say it.  My smile is just about wrapping around my entire head as I write this.

Told you it's amazing.

2.  The gym is actually pretty darn nice!  A heated swimming pool; cardio equipment; weights; and daily group training classes.  In such a small town?  Well I never...

3.  Old varsity friends!  We spent many hours camping, doing fieldwork and studying together back in the day - and now we're all grown up and responsible and we live in the same tiny little town!  Plenty of time to catch up...

See?  Lots to enjoy and be thankful for.  And here's to discovering lots more!



  1. Hi, new follower! Good luck on your new job. Great picture of the golf course how beautiful!

  2. Hi Christy! Thanks for the good wishes and thanks for stopping by! Love your blog!

  3. Thanks for finding my blog and leading me here. That golf course looks like an amazing place to run!


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