Sunday, 22 May 2011

Dressed to Kill

Since quite a few running blogs have been dishing out fashion tips lately, I thought I'd make my humble contribution (I've learnt quite a lot about fashion and dressing appropriately recently): 

1.  Work Wear

Bright canary yellow is the new black.  It goes with absolutely everything and brightens up even the dullest complexion.  Wear it five days a week without shame. 

A winning combination.
Pair your canary vest with a practical, yet flattering white hard hat, and Bob's your uncle.  (Bonus points to the hat for keeping the sun out of your face.)

2.  Workout Wear

The older you get, the more you'll hate being cold.  However, always resist the urge to dress sensibly and tough out those first few freezing minutes of a run.  Instead, pile on as many toasty layers as possible and head out the door as snug as a bug.  You will, of course, sit with a pile of unnecessary clothing within a matter of minutes, but be a trooper and lug these along (like I did this morning).


You're welcome!  Feel free to implement and enjoy!
(Note: All of the above is, of course, completely tongue in the cheek!  I'm not a fan of yellow.  AT.  ALL.  When I was in school, for some weird and wonderful reason I'd always end up in whatever yellow team or group was going around - much to my disgust:  Yellow ballet tutus; yellow sports shirts; yellow school uniforms.  You name it - I had to wear it.  It's come back to haunt me big time.  And the overdressing?  Let's just hope I've learnt my lesson...) 

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  1. haha! I am loving the pics! and the pink workout gear!!


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