Tuesday, 26 April 2011

A run on the wild side

We had the privilege of spending the Easter weekend on my stepmom’s game farm in the beautiful Kalahari, near the Botswana border.  Being home to the big five (lion, rhino, elephant, buffalo and leopard), exercising on the farm is always a thrill – and this time was no exception.

On the first morning there, Willie and I decided to take the only two (oldish, flat tired) mountain bikes on the farm for a spin on the landing strip (which is rumoured to be less thorny than the rest of the farm).  Willie’s front tire deflated immediately upon inflation, however, which caused us to alter our plans to a ride/walk instead of just a ride – him on my bike and me running.  That said, Willie progressed exactly two meters before one of my bike’s tires also deflated (the Kalahari sure is one thorny place!) and so we abandoned project mountain bike and decided to both go for a run.

Pumping those wheels.
Cocoa the camp dog was our little shadow for the entire excursion, but, like the bikes, he also experienced a few thorn(y) issues along the way.  After having to stop every few metres to check his paws, Willie decided to carry Cocoa to the airstrip instead - a ride he thoroughly enjoyed, like the true king of the camp that he is.

Cocoa, king of the camp, enjoying his ride to the landing strip.

It took us half the morning to get exercising (Willie says I always exaggerate…), but what an amazing run once we eventually got to the landing strip!  Why?
  • Like a good girl I’d waited two full weeks before running a single step after the Paris Marathon, so I was really itching to get out there.
  • The weather was perfect for a run: Overcast, cool and wind still.
  • The sunrise was spectacular – a big, orange ball behind the clouds and thorn trees.
  • The rumour proved to be true: Once on the airstrip, Cocoa ran like a machine – no more thorny paws.
  • We spotted a small herd of waterbuck and two baby red hartebeest along the way (none of the big five, thank goodness…).
  • And, finally: A run is always more fun with friends – thanks, Willie and Cocoa!

    Cocoa and me, post-run.  Half of my head cut off courtesy of  Willie.
Our awesome run was, of course, followed by an equally awesome breakfast, after which we went straight back to our beds – we’re on holiday, after all!


  1. Wow, you actually took two weeks off? Very impressive, not aware of anyone else that follows that good advice.

    I've never even heard of waterbucks and hartebeests. I just love reading about your adventures.

  2. this has nothing to do with this post but I have Heb. 12:1 tattooed my by foot =)


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