Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Girls' morning out

We're right in the middle of a whole bunch of public holidays here in SA at the moment - not so good for productivity, but excellent for sneaking in running getaways with the pups!

To say that my game farm outings with the pups are usually chaotic is an understatement.  They're epically catastrophic (hmmmm, maybe Willie is right about me tending to exaggerate?).  And this one was no exception: There was the usual jumping, barking, tail-wagging, drooling, face licking and hair shedding - and that was just on our way over there.  At our halfway bathroom stop Zippy, the explorer, decided to add mud to the mixture by swimming in a mud puddle on the coldest winter's morning we've had this season.  Let's just say that we arrived at our destination less than fresh...

Zip, the explorer, taking a mud bath.

Our run was awesome - the pups had so much energy that I could barely keep up.  We saw lots of game along the way (of which I couldn't get a single picture - people will start to think that these sightings are either imaginary or fictional...  Let's just say that running at breakneck speed after two wildly excited pups doesn't exactly create many peaceful wildlife photo ops).

Come on, Mom, you're going too slow!

We returned to our car frozen to the bone, but happy and content.  The trouble getting there is worth it every time.  We're going to miss you, Happy Place Number One!   

Max and me, post-run.  I'm the giant, muddy hairball on the left.

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