Thursday, 17 March 2011

The Other Side

Unlike the previous two times, when I tackled the bulls by the horn, I spent the past Sunday experiencing the Pick n Pay Cape Argus Cycle Tour from the sidelines.  People warned me that I'd spend the day wishing I was part of the action, but, instead, I was in my element.  Like an invisible fly on the wall I made myself comfy in a shady spot with a view and sat back to start witnessing glimpses of the journeys and joys of fellow athletes.  What I saw, was a delightful, inspirational and heart-warming mixture of camaraderie, support, friendship, love, grit, determination, celebration and fun.  I cherished every minute.

Watching the pros sprint to a spectacular finish was thrilling and definitely worthy of admiration, but, in the end, it was the grannies and grandpas; teams of fathers and daughters on tandems wearing pink tutus and matching Alice bands; groups of friends in cow costumes; and couples kissing each other under the finish banner that made the day outstanding in my books.  It was the guy weighing at least 200 kilograms that had the guts and determination to start and complete the journey.  The guy riding 110 km in nothing but a neon green Borat-style g-string speedo-majig (who's butt must still be numb to this day).  The dad waving his only daughter off at the starting line and watching her ride away with a lump in his throat.  The mom gently putting her hand behind her young son to push him for that last few 100 metres of the race.  Groups of friends crossing the finish line arm-in-arm wearing Hawaiian skirts and huge smiles.  Husbands sticking with their slow-poke wives for the entire 110 kilometres and then finishing jubilant and hand-in-hand, like they've just broken the course record.  Dudes in crazy costumes doing it all for a worthy charity.  For me that's what the day was actually all about.

Well done, each and every one of you - witnessing your journeys from the sideline was amazing and reminded me, once again, that it is indeed the small things in life that make the journey worth while.

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  1. I love watching the pro's for running and cycling! Partykeer is net kyk ook goed.


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