Monday, 3 January 2011

So long, 2010!

And so 2010 has come and gone...  Most South Africans looked forward to 2010 with great anticipation: The year in which the Fifa World Cup would be hosted in Africa for the very first time.  We waited and waited; were patient with endless roadworks and detours; wore our Soccer Friday shirts; painted our faces; blew our vuvuzelas; and showed the world that we could.  Indeed a wonderful, exciting time for our country and its people.

On a personal note, 2010 also had a host of highlights: My very first overseas trip to the US to run the Walt Disney World Half Marathon - an adventure I will never forget.  A whole host of life lessons learnt - certainly not always easy or pleasant, but life changing and liberating.  Reaching goals set as a school girl - and sharing the journey and achievements with friends.  A very good year in business despite the global economic situation - a blessing and good gift from Above.  Precious time spent with dear, dear friends and family - worth more than all the money in the world.  A lot to be thankful for indeed.

However, 2010 also had its down side.  For me personally, 2010 will go down as the year in which I was confronted with my own mortality for the very first time.  Nothing big or serious; just a series of small changes and events that made me realise that I, also (just like everybody else), will not remain 20 forever.  The metabolism will inevitably slow down; the hips might expand a little; the running times might get a bit slower; and what once was regarded as being "easy" might get harder and harder.  Sobering, humbling stuff, which took me quite a while to get to terms with.  But, in the end, I came to the following conclusion: Time is extremely precious.  While we have the opportunity, time should be spent loving, caring, being sincere, living, laughing, growing and building good memories.  We only have one shot at it.

So, with sobering 2010 out of the way, I'm looking forward to lots of living and laughing in the new year.  Hellooooooo 2011!

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