Monday, 29 November 2010

Bored Stiff

I have a confession to make.  And it's quite a shocker, so be warned. 

But first, some background info: I'm bored stiff with the training plan I'm following.  It's simply too monotonous: Long. Runs. Day. In. Day. Out. Week. In. Week. Out.  You get the picture.  No variety; nothing to spice things up.  It's simply driving me mad.  And not only that; it has changed my body too.  It's made my butt fat and saggy.  Yuck.  But that's not the confession.  The confession is that my boredom with the training plan has led to the unthinkable:  I've lost my passion.  For running.  Gasp!

Maybe it's the fact that long runs have never been my favourite part of running.  Give me hills anytime.  Or fartleks - yum.  Or even tempo runs: Bring it on.  All these workouts are challenging and satisfying at the same time.  But long runs?  Urggggghhh.  Yeah... they're okay once a week in a mentally satisfying "and-I-thought-I-couldn't-go-that-far" kind of way.  And they serve a great purpose, I know.  But I don't want to do them all the time.  Not only them.  Not anymore.

So starting tomorrow I'm back on my beloved "FIRST"-training programme.  Three runs (two quality sessions and one long run) and two cross training work-outs per week.  Yay - I can feel the passion returning already!  And maybe, just maybe, I'll even give some of those long-run-logging runners a run for their money come race day...! ;)

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