Saturday, 2 October 2010

Zzzzzzzzzzzzz (a.k.a. Happy Place Number Two)

I love running (duh). An interesting side effect of this passion is, however, that I also love sleeping. A lot. So much, in fact, that my bed has officially been dubbed Happy Place Number Two.

Now let me just explain that my bed is not just any old bed. It’s the end result of years of careful and intricate planning; fuelled by an undying love for the humble Nap. And let me assure you: It’s as close to a cloud as beds come. To begin with, it’s huge. Super King Size. And I have it all to myself. Secondly, I’ve invested in a cosy goose down duvet that makes a crackling sound (in a crisp, new bedding kind of way) whenever I turn over. With the softest ever Egyptian cotton cover. Sigh…

A friend of mine once told the story of how he really enjoyed his stay at a particular guest house whilst on a trip out of town. He colourfully illustrated his point by saying that, whenever he turned over to his one side in the guest house bed, his whole body would say “Hallelujah!” and then, whenever he turned over to the other side, his body would say “Amen!”. That’s how awesome his night’s rest was. Well, I couldn’t have said it better myself. He might just as well have been describing a night in Happy Place Number Two.

Mental visions of Happy Place Number Two has the added advantage of making awful dates and long work days a) More bearable and, b) Go by much quicker. A quick imaginary visit to HPNT (and thus a reminder of the oasis waiting at home once the nightmare was finally over) during a disastrous date just puts everything back into perspective. Kind of a “this too shall pass” or a “there’s a light at the end of the tunnel” moment. I must confess that visions of a midday nap in HPNT also has a way of making weekend long runs (especially those last few miles) even more enjoyable than they already are. (That and the promise of a hearty breakfast upon reaching the finish line, of course.)

So, if you’ll excuse me, after a monster work week like this one, I know just the place to go… :)

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  1. hehehe... sien min dinge het verander! Maar jou bed KLINK na 'n stukkie hemel, suster!!


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