Friday, 24 September 2010


The Comrades Training Programme for Finishers (i.e. for those of use who don't plan on giving the Nurgalieva twins a run for their money on race day) should come with a warning. A big, bold, red one. In capital letters. Not your standard "Get checked out by your physician before embarking on this program", no. Instead, it should read something like this: "Embarking on this training programme will make you super slow. A plodder deluxe. So be warned!"

And so, during the past two months of training, that's exactly what I've become: a one-pace-wonder in granny mode. Woohoo, see me go...

Not that I've ever been a Bolt or a Radcliffe; but this? This is pure torture! How my legs ache for a good old fartlek session, or even some killer hill repeats - anything to break this monotony. Anything to get some life back into these limbs!

But, alas, logic and patience prevailed and I realise that a strong base needs to be built before the focus can be shifted elsewhere... And this can only be done one step at a time: training run by (painfully slow) training run.

So, if you drive past this old granny on her Sunday shuffle, honk and know I'm headed for greater things!

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