Monday, 20 September 2010

Growing Older

It finally happened. I literally went from being blissfully ignorant of all things "old" to being old overnight. Yup, that quick. Maybe I should have seen it coming by the increasing number of respectful prefixes being added to my name lately. Or by the fact that getting up from my knees was becoming just a tad more cumbersome than it was a decade ago. But, like so many fellow thirty-somethings, I subconsciously chose to believe that my outside would keep matching my ever-so-young inside forever. Surprise!

I first noted something was not quite right during a recent trip to a merry-go-round. Now let me just explain that I am the undisputed queen of all things merry-go-round. Once I start, I just can't stop. Round and round and up and down I'll go for hours. But not this time. On the very first upside-down twist of the very first ride I noted a throbbing pain in my gums. Yup, my gums. Sad, I know. And no matter how many rides I rode, it just wouldn't stop. The queen has left the building.

Obviously this newly discovered onset of the weathering process sadly also filtered through to my favourite past time: running. In the past, going for a run or entering a race was as easy as one-two-three. Now it's more like steps one through one-hundred-and-twenty-three:

Sunblock (SPF one gazillion) - check. (Where have all these wrinkles suddenly come from?!).
Long (with the emphasis on loooong) shorts - check. (Whenever you need to ask yourself whether your running shorts are all of a sudden too short, they probably are. And running tights... Don't even go there.)
Icepack for icing knee directly after the race/run - check.
Myriad of mental notes on where the car is parked - check.
And so the list continues...

On the bright side, however, a recent trip to a water fun park mercifully indicated that, of my age group, I'm not quite first in line as far as getting old is concerned: After riding the Slide of Courage with a big, fat smile on my face, a thirty-something onlooker tried convincing his wife to join him on the same ride. "See, that woman did it!", the man said, pointing in my direction. "But that woman is crazy!!", his wife replied in horror. Hehe, I guess the queen is back in the building!

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