Saturday, 24 July 2010

Saturday Morning Bliss

I just love Saturdays. No rushing around getting ready for work. No pro-active planning and constructive utilising of every single minute in order to cross off a bunch of bullets on a to-do list by the end of the day. Just a relaxed day of doing whatever you love whenever you feel like it. Sigh...

This morning I woke up rested and happy. I packed a cooler box with breakfast, dog biscuits and water bowls and loaded Max and Zippi, my two best running buddies in the whole wide world, into the car. We drove the 20 km to a battle field memorial/game farm just outside of town while watching the sun rise and saw a big old Sable Antelope bull along the way.

And then our fun began. We ran and ran. Max and Zip were in heaven. No stopping and no sniffing - just all out running like the two little running machines that they are. I couldn't stop smiling.

After our run we had breakfast in the veld, topped up our fluids and then went for a nice, long game walk. We climbed a hill; loved the view; spotted some Springbok and Kudu; and were just happy to be there. What a terrific Saturday.

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