Hi!  I'm Karien - mom of the brood and the voice behind Running the Race.  I write about running by day, dream of running the world by night and firmly believe that loving and nurturing our two biggest gifts, Miss K and J Bear, is my greatest calling in life.  The chances are good that I'm the biggest nerd you'll ever meet: Discipline and superfoods excite me; running is my preferred mode of travel and I probably haven't gone to bed after 09:00 p.m. for the past three decades.  I'm wild like that.

Will is the dad of the house and perfectly balances out my Type-A tendencies. He's a super laid-back guy with an undying love for cycling - and he's pretty darn good at it too!  He's missed his goal of a sub-3 Argus by mere seconds five years in a row, yet never gives up. He also dabbles with running, and plans on pacing me to my first ever sub-50 10K soon... Watch this space!    

Miss K, our eldest, is a ray of sunshine and a bundle of love.  Stubborn like her mama, and a true little fighter, she continues to teach me the true meaning of life every day.

J Bear is the happy-go-lucky little joker of the family.  He's laid-back like his dad, but lives in capital letters - a living reminder of the old adage to seize the day!

Running the Race chronicles our adventures as a young Saffa family with a love for active, healthy living, now based in New Zealand.  Follow us on our journey of poopy-shirt family runs, ridiculously early Saturday mornings and hit-and-miss healthy dishes - all with a proper dose of chaos in between!

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