Monday, 30 March 2020

Our Last parkrun Hurrah (Before Lockdown)

Isn't it crazy to think that life was still pretty normal a mere two weeks ago? That we ran in groups, hugged our friends, and still got our weekly parkrun fix...? And while it sure is hard not to have that (parkrun) barcode scanned every Saturday, Bear and I (unknowingly!) made the absolute most of our last parkrun hurrah before lockdown. 

Now, in order to fully appreciate this story, you need to know that Bear can be stubborn as a mule. And while I'm pretty sure that he inherited that trait from me, that doesn't make it any easier to navigate. Because when Bear decides that he's not doing or completing something, no cleverly devised parenting strategy in the world can make him change his mind. 

So when he started asking (pleading, actually) to join me at parkrun, I was in two minds about it. On the one hand, I was elated. Because what on earth can be better than parkrunning with a loved one?! On the other hand, I had flashbacks to a time, not so long ago, when he wailed that the few steps to the bus stop down our street were "way too far to walk"... 

But he persisted and I caved... And I'm so glad I did! Saturday morning came and, much to my delight, he was up and dressed without any nudging from my side. Not even the chilly autumn air dampened his enthusiasm! We had some breakfast, piled into the car, and soon found ourselves standing at the starting line of our home parkrun, giddy with anticipation.

All smiles before parkrun.

The event director set us off and, after a few customary bouts of sprinting and walking, we settled into a nice and relaxed pace. We chatted up a storm, giggled a lot and, in true Bear fashion, solved a truckload of word sums too! There were no tears, no frustration, and not even a single meltdown... Just a glorious, laidback morning of hanging with my Bear. 

A kind stranger even let Bear walk her dog for a while! (Pre-social distancing...) [Pic by Jeff Stark.]

I didn't want the morning to end, so after finishing parkrun, we celebrated with an impromptu smoothie date. Cue more chatting, an abundance of brain freeze, and even more word sums thrown at my still-awaking brain.

Post-parkrun smoothie date. Still all smiles!

What a special morning with my Big Bear. We'll be back for more after lockdown!


  1. Is hierdie brandhoutjies nie nou NOG ekstra spesiaal as mens so sit en dink oor hulle nie?! Smaak my hoe meer dae verby gaan hoe groter raak die dankbaarheid! Ek is soooo bly julle kon dit (betyds) doen en dat die 'n reusesukses was. Hy sal dit nog vir jare onthou!
    Lief julle so baie xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    1. Hulle IS!! Min het ons destyds geweet dat dit wat klaar bitter spesiaal is, eintlik NOG meer spesiaal is as wat ons besef...! EKSTRA dankbaar nou vir dit alles... xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


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