Thursday, 26 March 2020

Houston, We Have A Lockdown

It is Day 1 of our four-week Coronavirus lockdown here in New Zealand, and suddenly I feel the urge to write again. What better way to process everything that's going on than by putting pen to paper (figuratively speaking), right? Plus I figured it might be a good way to keep in touch without having to subject oneself to all the negativity being splashed over social media right now.

I must admit that I find the thought of not leaving home for the next four weeks, except for weekly trips to the grocery store, quite daunting. Will (my husband) is a house hen by nature and can (and will!) happily spend all of his free time inside our four walls. I, on the other hand, thrive on getting out. If the wheels turn, I'm on board! But I do, of course, also realise the seriousness and urgency of the current situation, and it is my heartfelt wish to do this right. To do what needs to be done with a positive attitude (throughout!) and in such a way that we don't turn into a negative, squabbling mess by Week 4 (and maybe beyond...?). And yes, the fact that so much of that will depend on me, as the mom of the house, weighs heavily on my shoulders.

You'll understand my elation, then, when it was announced that we'd still be able to run (or walk or cycle) in the streets during the lockdown. THANK YOU to the powers that be!! We have to go solo, of course, and not get within two meters of passersby, but hey, that's a small price to pay for endorphins! Running is just so incredibly valuable to me in terms of mental health perks (especially now!) that I can't even begin to describe how thankful I am for this arrangement. So this morning I laced up and headed out for my first official lockdown run. I swapped my usual scenic (and rather narrow) route along the riverbank for a jaunt through our neighbourhood. And while it wasn't anywhere near as picturesque as my usual running fix, it was glorious nonetheless.

We spent the rest of the day playing Monopoly, eating lunch outside on the trampoline (a new lockdown tradition?), building a pillow fort, scootering on the deck and doing some online school stuff. So far, so good...!

Thinking of all of you in these uncertain times. xx


  1. Watter vreemde tye is hierdie tog, Saar! Ek is saam met julle So SO dankbaar dat julle nog buite kan gaan oefen. Die storie in SA is jammerlik met die dat hulle nie kan uit nie :( Ons self is ook al vir 4 dae in lock down (net twee streke in die land waarvan ons s'n een is) en gelukkig mag ons ook buite oefen. Ek brand ook om te skryf, maar ek moet erken ek was nog nie braaf genoeg om die onderwerp aan te raak nie. Ek voel so bevoorreg/skuldig teenoor die massas daar buite wat dit soveel swaarder as ons het. Maar tog gaan elkeen hier deur op sy eie manier en voel ek dit is belangrik om, soos jy, uit te reik na mekaar op 'n manier wat sinmaak vir jouself, soos deur te skryf.
    Dankie vir die deel, Liefste, ek waardeer dit so baie, en verlang sommer nog ekstra na jou in hierdie tyd!
    Lief julle baie baie xxxxxxxxxxx

    1. Ai, Saar - ek moet myself nog gereeld knyp om seker te maak dat al hierdie goeters REGTIG aan die gebeur is... En, soos jy se, my hart BRAND ook vir soveel geliefdes wat in plekke sit waar dit baie erger gaan as hier... Maar ek het hierdie laaste week (ons is nou in Dag 7 van lockdown) ook vinnig-vinnig besef ek sal nie by die negatiewe kan vashaak nie. My arme (bitter sosiale en energieke) Boetie Beer is soos 'n vasgekeerde leeu hier in die huis - so dis nou kop neersit en positief en kalm en besig bly vir sy part. DANK DIE HEER vir ons daaglikse scooter-om-die-blok uitstappies...

      Dankie vir die saammaak, Liefste - LIEF vir jou en MIS vir jou en DINK so baie aan julle viertjies daar ver! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


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