Wednesday, 28 August 2019

A (Much Needed!) Change Of Scenery {Anderson parkrun Recap}

Spring is almost here...! And what better way to celebrate than with a quick family getaway, right? So Will and the kids took Friday off work and school and we packed up the car and headed north to beautiful Hawke's Bay for three days of family fun. 

We haven't been away in ages, so the change of scenery was much needed for all of us. J and Miss K literally counted down the sleeps to our adventure and, yes, the dreaded "are we there yet?!" popped up a mere three minutes after exiting our driveway... But the wait was so worth it. Hawke's Bay is amazing!

And while we had a whole list of family activities (and eats!) planned for the weekend, Saturday morning was, of course, set aside for parkrun. Having never visited the area before, Anderson parkrun not only served as an opportunity to indulge my (starved!) inner parkrun tourist, but also to notch up some sought-after parkrun challenge credits (A is for Anderson...!). Plus it was a chance to do one of my all-time favourite things: Explore on the run.

True to parkrun's nature, Anderson parkrun has a super friendly, welcoming vibe. The route is a two-and-a-bit lapper in and around Anderson park, and while the pre-run briefing of Naval Hill parkrun in SA stars its friendly resident ostrich, Anderson parkrun's briefing features a group of graceful swans. The latter of which, I can assure you, is a lot less intimidating than the former...!
The finishing chute.

The route consists of two-and-a-bit laps around Anderson park.

It was a cold and very windy run, with the rain thankfully staying away until later in the day. And while I struggled on the up-wind, the change of scenery did me a world of good. I was in my element! 

Where's Waldo? [Photo by Caleb Arrowsmith.]

Happy mama! [Photo by Anderson parkrun volunteers.]

I surprised myself by clocking a sub-26 for the first time in almost six months... I clearly need to travel more often! The concrete path no doubt played a role in the increased speed, but I do think that the new surroundings also had a lot to do with it. I'm a big believer in switching things up in order to remain motivated. 

Another highlight of the trip for me personally, was a quick post-parkrun visit to Hapi Clean Kai (Food) Co-op before heading back to our motel. Maaaan! I've been itching to try their smoothies for ages, and it certainly didn't disappoint. The Gentle Green Smoothie was delicious, refreshing and exactly what the doctor ordered to extend that parkrun high.

Thank you, Hawkes Bay, for a brilliant family weekend away. We will most definitely be back!


  1. It sounds like a beautiful adventure in a wonderful place.
    Congrats on the race and the very good finishing time. The route looks scenic (thanks to the swans too) and the concret path helps to run better.
    I miss the cold runs! I keep on doing my workouts at 06.30 a.m. because of the heat.
    Glad you have found a good smoothie, my doctor said that I MUST drink one smoothie every day.

    1. Thanks very much, Stefano! Our winter arrived VERY late this year, so although it's technically almost spring here (1 September), it's actually colder (and wetter!) now than it's been all winter long.

      I've been drinking a green smoothie first thing every morning for almost two years now, and I can really recommend it - it's actually quite addicting...! My body has become used to the huge nutrient punch at the start of each day, so if, for some reason, I can't have a green smoothie, I really, really miss it. That's why I'm forever on the hunt for the best smoothie spots when we travel!

  2. Nog 'n tick op jou goal lysie, Saartjie, heerlik! Kan nie wag om ook 'n stukkie van julle mooie land te sien en te beleef nie! Xxxxxx

    1. Og, Saar - Napier (waar ons gebly het) is 'n kinderparadys! Die allerlieflikste speelparke (met ingeboude mini-trampolines, MUSIEK-INSTRUMENTE, foofy slides, balancing rope courses, en, en, en...!)... Ons tweetjies was in die sewende hemel! Sit daarby scooter-bane met werkende verkeersligte, 'n hele park wat net verskillende variasies climbing walls het (Sustertjie se favourite!) EN 'n museum waar 'n mens AANGEMOEDIG word om aan als te vat, op als te klim en alles uit te toets en die naweek was letterlik 'n fees. En dan was daar nog Sondag 'n farmer's market met alles wat 'n mens oor droom... WENS jy kan dit beleef! xxxxxx

  3. Aggenee, hoe fantasties! My kinders (en ons) sil mos net daar wil bly!!! Ons sal beslis moet kom kyk! Xxxxxxx

    1. Hoe WENS ek julle kan dit ook beleef! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


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