Friday, 3 May 2019

This Or That?

I love running magazines. To me, they form an integral part of the ultimate self-care experience. Picture this: A few quiet moments; a steaming, hot bubble bath; the fragrance of calming soy candles in the air; and a brand new, hard copy running magazine to geek over to your heart's content. Don't you feel more serene just by picturing that? I do! Bonus points, of course, if the experience includes dark chocolate and kombucha! 

My favourite part of any running magazine, i.e. the part that I always turn to first, is the back page. It usually features the stories or preferences of everyday- or celebrity runners and I love seeing how we're all alike but different. The Aus/NZ version of Runner's World, for example, is currently featuring a series of "either, or" questions on its back page, and I thought it would be fun to do something similar here. Why don't you join in?

1. Rain or sunshine? Both? There's something really cleansing and therapeutic about a rainy run, but I also wouldn't want to finish all of my runs in a soaking wet mess...!

2. Heart rate or feel? Feel. I literally haven't used the heart rate strap of my 5-year-old Garmin device once. 

3. Lead or follow? Follow. Since I'm very bad with doing a proper warm-up, I always ease into a run and finish strong. I never start up front. 

4. Group or solo? Solo. Talking while running exhausts me. (The exception? Running with a close friend or relative who "gets" me and lets me be my quiet self.)

5. Uphill or downhill? Uphill. For some weird, masochistic reason, I love running uphill. Downhill? Not so much.

6. 5K or marathon? 5K all the way. For me, long, slow runs drain the joy right out of running.

My one and only marathon to date...

7. Calves or quads? Quads! My calves are tiny and actually threatened to disappear completely during my two pregnancies (when I didn't run for a combined 18 months).     

8. GPS or naked? GPS. I'm not really into running technology, apps and the like, but one thing I never run without is my Garmin. I mostly track distance and pace.

9. Hat or sunglasses? Both! I'm super diligent when it comes to wearing sun protection - you'll never find me running without at least one of the two.

10. Toast or banana? Banana. My go-to pre- and (post-!) run fuel since forever!

11. Warm-up or cool-down? Cool-down. As mentioned before, I'm super bad with properly warming up. I do, however, always finish a run with a short walk and some stretching.

12. Wave or nod? In my heart of hearts, I feel like I'm a waving person, but in reality, I mostly nod and smile. Having said that, I never, ever pass another runner without greeting.

13. Morning or night? Morning! I'm a poster child for morning people everywhere.

14. Hot or cold? Hot. (But also not too hot, ha!) The older I get, the less tolerant I am of low temperatures.

Alllll the layers!

15. Trail or road? Trail! After exclusively running on the roads for many years, I switched to trails a few years back. It was the best decision ever! It's impossible to run in nature and not feel great.

Happy running!


  1. Was dit nou 'n lekker lees, dankie Saartjie! Ek sal erens 'n tydjie maak vir saammaak. Lief jou xxxxx

    1. Dankie vir die saamlees, liefste Saar. Sal graag jou antwoorde wil lees as jy dalk iewers 'n kansie kry. Lief jou baie! xxxxx

  2. 1. Rain or sunshine? Rain. I love to run under a light rain.
    2. Heart rate or feel? Feel. I never check my heart rate on my Garmin.
    3. Lead or follow? Always follow. Usually my workouts or races are in negative split.
    4. Group or solo? Solo. I am retired and I run at the time and the speed I want.
    5. Uphill or downhill? Uphill. Downhill damages my back and knees (I am old).
    6. 5 km or marathon? ...... 10 km.
    7. Calves or quad? Calves.
    8. GPS or naked? GPS. I canot run anymore without my Garmin.
    9. Hat or sunglasses? Both but only in summer.
    10. Toast or banana? ..... cappuccino and cornetto (typical italian breakfast):
    11. Warm up or cool down? Cool down .... too lazy for the warm up.
    12. Wave or nod? It depends....
    13. Morning or night? Morning (and a thermal bath after the workout).
    14. Hot or cold? Cold.
    15. Trail or road? Mostly trail.

    1. I loved reading your answers, Stefano - thanks for joining in!

      I run most of my parkruns and workouts in negative splits too, but I need a bit more practice (and discipline) to do it in races as well!

  3. 1. Rain or sunshine? SĂȘ my waar reen dit dan gaan hol ek daar!!
    2. Heart rate or feel? Het beide probeer, terug by feel.
    3. Lead or follow? If you see me leading you will know I am lost...
    4. Group or solo? Always solo, not always by choice.
    5. Uphill or downhill? I have to choose one?
    6. 5 km or marathon? Marathon plus. So no one will notice how slow I am :)
    7. Calves or quad? I've been working on my calves for 30 pkus years, still no results!
    8. GPS or naked? I will rather not run than leave my gps! Ha!!
    9. Hat or sunglasses? Both. I am Karien's cousin!!
    10. Toast or banana? Banana
    11. Warm up or cool down? Cool down walk after run
    12. Wave or nod? I wave and holler Hiiiiii! We dont see too many runners in our sparsely populated country so if we do, chances are we know them (well)!
    13. Morning or night? Morning or afternoon... not night
    14. Hot or cold? Hot
    15. Trail or road? Trail all the way. Even a 5k on road hurts me badly!

    1. Heheeeee! Ai, hoe lekker lees en lag ek nou. Smaak my dan jy sit hier VOOR my mit 'n koppie tee, en ons skud soos ons lag oorie kuite en die min reen... Jy't my (goor) dag opgehelder, Saar - druk jou styf! Xxxxxxx

    2. Ai dierbaarste, was vir my net so lekker. Sil n ou kuiertjie dam nou goed afgaan, wat praat jy?! Xxxxxxxxx

    3. Praaaaaaat jy tog! Ek tjank sommer nou al oor daai eendag se weersiens...! xxxxxxxxxxx

  4. I think we (runners) sometimes need wet runs. After I had run through the rain, I quickly had a shower ... withouth stretching.

    Completely agree on downhill: it may be really dangerous for my knees!

    Banana, yogurt and parmesan cheese (in an alternative way) is the best post-running/race food. I like running both in Winter and in Summer through the contryside. Sun protection is also important.

    1. Thanks for joining in, Giorgio! I totally agree on the wet runs - a rainy run once in a while is super refreshing and I'm pretty sure it produces even more endorphins than usual too! ;)


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