Monday, 20 August 2018


On Saturday I completed my 150th parkrun. That's 750 km of parkruns and counting, whoop! And while I definitely celebrated with a happy jiggle (or two!), I have to add that 150 is not even an official parkrun milestone... 

150 parkruns done! [Pic by Jeff Stark.]

My next official milestone is Club 250, which, if you do the math, will only be within my reach in two years' time... And that's if I consistently do at least 50 parkruns per year! And to think: Green (the colour of the Club 250 shirt) isn't even my colour, whaaaa! [It's the blue Club 500 shirt that I'm really after, but by the time that I'm eligible for that, I'll be nearly 50... I can just hear my brother telling me to go to the shop and just buy myself a blue shirt right now, ha!]

And while celebrating milestones sure is fun, I had to stop and remind myself that the true joy of parkrun lies in the journey, not the celebrations. It lies in the satisfaction of starting each weekend off on a healthy note. In the joy of catching up with parkrun friends. In the excitement of exploring new places as a parkrun tourist. And in the fulfillment of volunteering and helping to make it all happen. 

So for the next two years, while I'm working towards that elusive, green Club 250 shirt, I'm making it my mission to have more fun with it. To enjoy every, single parkrun event that I do. To embrace the rainy ones, delight in the new ones, push through the tough ones and learn from the discouraging ones. 

I can't wait to see what the next 150 will bring!  


  1. Baie geluk Saartjie! Jy is die toonbeeld van "sukses kom met klein stappies wat aanhoudend herhaal word". En hier bewys jy dit nou weer! Lief vir jou en trots op jou! xxxxx

    1. So baie dankie, liefste Saar! Min het ek geweet, destyds toe Prof Fourie van Dierkunde gese het dierefisiologie is soos 'n olifant wat happie vir happie geeet moet word, dat dit op so baie aspekte van die lewe van toepassing is! Lief jou baie! xxxx


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