Saturday, 2 June 2018

A Workout For Body And Mind {Hagley parkrun Recap}

I take after my father in many ways. My undying love for sleeping, running and dark chocolate, for example, stems directly from his DNA. But then there are also ways in which I'm nothing like my father. Take, for instance, his urge to travel. While it is limited mainly to the lowveld, Namibia and Botswana, he can freely roam these regions guided by nothing but his impressively accurate internal compass. My travel itch, on the other hand, spans the outer corners of the globe, yet I'm completely stumped by any instruction containing the words north, east, south or west. Especially when travelling on foot.

When then, on my quest to run the world, my friend the GPS lady commands me to "head north-west on Hagley", my mind goes completely blank. I discreetly start spinning around in circles, much to any onlooker's amusement, I'm sure, hoping that my robotic guide would somehow shout "stop!" when I'm finally facing the right direction. Or that she'd at least give me a clue, you know? Something like: "Cold, cold, cold, warm, warmer, hot! You've got it!" But, alas. She never does.

And so I found myself in this all-too-familiar situation again today, while attempting to locate Hagley parkrun. In my defense, I've never been to the area before, plus it was dark and rainy. And while it wasn't a pretty sight, I eventually fumbled, spun and shivered my way to the starting line. I don't think I've ever been so relieved to spot a parkrun banner in my life.  

Hagley park, through which the parkrun route winds, is beautiful. Dotted by giant old oak trees, and with a lush carpet of autumn leaves underfoot, it really is a runner's haven. Much like Palmerston North parkrun, the biggest portion of the route consists of tarred, shared pathways, but with a short section of muddy grass at the beginning and the end.  

While I intended on taking things easy today, I ended up clocking a 25:43 - just a smidge faster than my planned race pace for tomorrow's Christchurch Half Marathon. Fingers crossed that my overzealousness doesn't come back to bite me...!

So while getting where I want to be isn't always smooth sailing, I prefer seeing it as a workout for both body and mind. Because what can be more rewarding than an early-morning run coupled with some mental stretching, right...?! 


  1. Heheheeee, lekker giggel ek nou! Bly jyt dit gekry en geniet, Sêrie! Xxxx

    1. Heheeee, dankie Saar! My man-lief skud net sy kop... ;) xxxxxxx


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